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During our years serving as Texas chemical plant explosion lawyers, we’ve come to identify several questions asked by clients that are quite common. If you’ve suffered injuries or someone you love has been killed because of an explosion, you need to find a resource for answers. The Texas chemical plant explosion lawyers at Williams Hart would like to help get you started on acquiring this information by identifying a few of these common questions below.

What causes explosions that lead to several injuries or deaths?
The causes for massive explosions are too numerous to list here. However, if there is one common thread among them, it’s that increased pressure, increased competition and the need for a higher level of productivity tends to lead to mistakes, and mistakes in certain situations lead to potentially tragic results.

What are some common types of explosions that lead to serious injuries?
During our time serving as Texas chemical plant explosion lawyers, Williams Hart has represented clients who are injured or suffered through the death of loved ones due to three types of explosions that tend to be the most common. These types of explosions are residential gas explosions, industrial facility explosions and gas or refinery explosions.

What should I do if I’ve been injured in an explosion?
If you’ve been injured in an explosion, the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention to treat your injuries and to plot a course towards recovery. After this initial step, you need to contact the Texas chemical plant explosion lawyers at Williams Hart for a free initial consultation. Our attorneys will be able to analyze your situation, to take account of your injuries and to help you make an educated decision regarding whether or not to pursue a claim.

We’re sure that you have several additional questions as they relate to your situation. If you’d like all the information necessary as it relates to the explosion that’s affected your life, contact the Texas chemical plant explosion lawyers at Williams Hart today for a full consultation.

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