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Nuclear Explosions

Nuclear explosions are becoming one of the possible threats of terrorism in many different countries in the United States. There are many things that you might need to know about nuclear explosions and the process that happens.

A nuclear explosion is a fast release of energy from a high-speed nuclear reaction. This means that there is a nuclear reaction between chemicals that are put together and because of this reaction it causes a large explosion. These types of nuclear explosions are often associated with mushroom clouds because of the shape of the explosion when the chemicals combine with each other. The explosion often makes a mushroom shape because the force goes up through the direct center and then blossoms out.

This huge nuclear explosion often produces large amounts of radiation in the atmosphere. Usually the radiation is what does the most damage to people and homes after the explosion. This radiation is sometimes called the aftershock to the explosion.

In 1963, most of all the states signed a type of treaty saying that they could only do nuclear testing underground. The point of the treaty is to make sure that no more damage is done to the atmosphere or the people around the area where the testing is happening.

The primary use of any type of nuclear explosions is for military purposes. There were other ideas as to different ways to use nuclear explosions, but they have since dismissed them and chosen alternative methods. Different countries around the world have used nuclear explosions for different reasons, but in the past few have not tried anything new related to nuclear reactions.

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