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Explosions and the Injuries They Cause

Explosions are almost always disastrous in their consequences. Extreme damages are inflicted upon the structures that sit anywhere near them, and any individual that is in the area is immediately in extreme danger as well, given the power and force with which every explosion occurs. There are two inherent qualities in every explosion, and below we’ll discuss each of them and the types of injuries they can inflict upon human beings unfortunate enough to be in the area.

Extreme Heat

When an explosion occurs, the amount of heat and energy produced can be nothing short of staggering. Although the statistics vary, explosions can create heat in excess of one thousand degrees and basically melt/vaporize anything within its immediate wake. Of course, anything within close range of such an occurrence will not survive, but even if individuals are a few hundred yards away from an explosion, the heat can cause incredibly severe burns all over a person’s body. These burns can result in the need for radical surgery, and these types of surgeries are not only extensive and extremely painful, but they can also be very risky by nature.

Concussive Force

When an explosion occurs, more than just heat is generated. Energy in general is released in amounts that are greater than could reasonably be contemplated by an “average” person, and this is why when you see explosions occur in movies, people nearby are often sent flying through the air. This is not done for dramatic effect necessarily – this is a real force generation that can overtake someone’s inertia and send them flying in any direction.

Obviously, the impact that a person experiences when he or she is caught in this concussive effect can lead to dramatic injuries, assuming that person even survives the explosion. Impactful injuries can be even more serious than burns, and the equivalent amount of force that could be felt would be generated by a high-speed auto accident or a plane crash.


Generally, explosions create an overall amount of energy that’s simply far too powerful and hot for the human body to reasonably withstand. Anyone who is near an explosion and survives should feel fortunate to have done so, even if he or she must suffer through exhaustive recovery periods from their injuries. If you or a loved one have been injured in an explosion, you need to contact the Texas explosion lawyers at Williams Hart immediately to schedule a free initial consultation.

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