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With the July 4th holiday coming up, there are many people getting ready to begin the holidays with all sorts of different fun. There are many different things that people do to celebrate the holidays including barbeques and cookouts that help bring many people together to celebrate.

Many years ago, the tradition of having fireworks on the 4th of July was started and since then has become something that everyone looks forward to. Many communities and cities all over the US have all kinds of festive firework displays that are good entertainment for the whole family. The one thing that you don’t think about is the danger that fireworks can cause to someone if they are near when the fireworks explode.

Fireworks are originally from the Chinese culture who originally invented gunpowder. In our culture now, July 4th is a time for everyone to celebrate and gather around to watch an aesthetically pleasing fireworks show. Fireworks are technically categorized as a low grade of an explosive pyrotechnic device that we use for different entertainment purposes. Because these products are technically considered an explosive, there are many things that they can do to harm us and our families. Depending on the size of firework you are working with will help to determine exactly how much explosive material you are working or playing with.

The less fireworks you let your kids around, the safer they will be. If the fireworks were to explode in anyone’s face, the person could sustain serious injuries both relating to burns and scarring in the area of the wound. The damage could be a lifelong permanent thing that would to many serious surgeries in the future for the person.

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