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The Explosive Danger of Your Cell Phone

Most people would not consider their cell phone a potential explosion hazard, but they should. As cell phones become more and more popular in American culture, the CPSC continues to receive a growing number of reports about cell phone explosions and fires. Phone manufacturers argue that most explosions and fires can be blamed on counterfeit batteries and is not a result of defective manufacturing. Others say that the problem stems from trying to put too much power in such a small gadget. Studies do show, however, that counterfeit batteries are less capable of preventing overheating in cell phones. This overheating leads to malfunctions and possible injury should the phone explode or catch fire.

The CPSC is putting pressure on cell phone manufacturers to produce higher quality batteries in order to prevent these dangerous explosions. A warning should also be issued to consumers that purchasing cheap counterfeit batteries may result in injury if the phone overheats or over charges. In some cases, the design of the phone may be at fault, not allowing proper ventilation of the battery. In cases like this, the CPSC has seen batteries reach temperatures near 600 degrees.

In many occurrences of cell phone explosions, victims claim that their cell phone began to make a ticking sound or a “ping” noise. If your cell phone becomes very hot to the touch and begins to make unusual noises, use another phone to immediately call the technical support number for your phone. Follow their instructions carefully to prevent injury by explosion or fire.

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