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Explosions in Texas – What You Should Do

Explosions are almost always tragic developments, and the disaster many explosions leave in their wake often result in masses of confused, fearful and emotionally paralyzed victims, and that only describes those who were not seriously injured by the blast or blasts. Given the horrible circumstances that surround these situations, the Texas explosion lawyers at Williams Hart would like to provide you with a basic list of suggestions of how to handle yourself and the situation if you find yourself in an explosion’s zone of danger.

Get Away

When an explosion occurs, your first instinct may be to run towards it in order to help those who may be trapped. However, the fact of the matter is that one explosion could very well lead to another, and the initial explosion could have released innumerable dangerous gases into the air that surrounds the incident. What this means is that the best way for you to help is to get away from the immediate danger and to help keep others around you calm.

Call Authorities

Even though explosions usually affect many people at once, you should not assume that the authorities have been alerted. Always make the call to 911 to alert professional rescue teams of the incident, as these professionals are equipped to handle call volume and will also be able to give you basic instructions regarding how to proceed until the authorities take control of the situation.

Contact Loved Ones

We all know what happens when there is an explosion – television stations cut to a live feed as soon as they can, and this often creates a frenzy of worry and stress for viewers who may know or love someone who was near the explosion site. If you were close to the explosion, contact your loved ones as soon as possible to let them know that you’re alright.

Get Professional Help

What this means is that there are two specific steps t hat you should take after you’ve been involved in an explosion. First, you should obtain whatever medical attention you require. That is the most important immediate step you can take. Secondly, contact an explosion attorney in order to find out what your rights and legal options will be as they apply to the specific situation. The Texas explosion attorneys at Williams Hart have helped many explosion victims hold those responsible for their injuries accountable, so contact them today for a free initial consultation.

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