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Not a List to Lead – US Outdistances Rest of World in Explosion Deaths

We began to take a look around after we noticed all the news recently regarding explosions and the destruction they cause. It didn’t take long to discover something extremely startling – the United States leads the world in explosion deaths,
and they lead by a wide margin. One thing to keep in mind is that these statistics do not include explosions that occur during military action, but after we show you the Top Ten, so to speak, we’ll offer some explanations as to why the United States sits atop this dubious list.

The Top Ten

Below you’ll find the top ten countries in terms of fatalities caused by explosions:

  1. United States: 197 deaths
  2. Colombia: 105 deaths
  3. South Korea: 78 deaths
  4. Brazil: 72 deaths
  5. Mexico: 59 deaths
  6. Venezuela: 48 deaths
  7. Spain: 26 deaths
  8. Thailand: 22 deaths
  9. Japan: 21 deaths
  10. Germany: 21 deaths

There are a few commonalities that a quick analysis will uncover. First, all of these countries are considered “developed” countries with strong industrial economies and large populations. Secondly, all of these countries either produce or are huge consumers of fuel, or both. Finally, all of these countries have enormous workforces in the “blue collar” sector.

Potential Reasons for the US’s Place

You’ll see that the United States is at the top of the list, with nearly double the explosion deaths of Colombia. The United States is on top of this list for several potential reasons. First, Americans represent the most developed economy in the world, which means that Americans, on average, own more consumer goods than any other country per capita.

What that means is that Americans own more items along the lines of snowmobiles, lawn mowers, ATV’s, motorized vehicles and other devices of that ilk than anyone else anywhere. The presence of these items is the first reason for the potential for disaster to arise, especially if they’re not stored or maintained properly.

Secondly, even our own President has stated that we are “addicted to oil.” Oil is a fossil fuel and highly flammable by nature. We own more cars, drive more and crowd our freeways much more than any other economy in the world, and these statistics logically lead to too many deaths by explosion.

As you see, there are countless reasons for explosions, and Americans apparently face a higher risk of such disasters than anyone else. If you have been harmed by an explosion, you need to contact an explosion lawyer at Williams Hart
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