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Emergency Action Plan – Get out of an Explosion Alive

When emergency situations occur, such as a fire or explosion, it’s in the best interest of employers and employees to be aware of the emergency action plan. This is a written document that is required by OSHA standards to help organize the actions of employees and employers in the events of an emergency. Having an organized plan increases the chances that all workers and employers can escape emergency situation with minimal injuries or loss of life. An emergency action plan also helps to prevent property damage since emergency response teams are able to react faster to the emergency if all people are evacuated from the scene of the problem.

Every business should be evaluated by a crisis professional in order to determine the best way employees and employers can react to an emergency. The emergency action plan should include ways for employees to respond to various kinds of emergencies. Employers who consult a mix of management and employee representatives will most likely have the most comprehensive emergency plans. Workers know the worksite layout better than any member of management and could have important information that management may overlook. The emergency action plan should be updated frequently.

In the event of an explosion, an emergency action plan may be the only thing that gets people away from the explosion unharmed. If you work at a worksite that has explosive potential, ask your employer about their emergency action plan if you have not been informed about it already. Explosions are almost always accidental and unexpected, but planning for evacuation is something that can be done before the emergency happens.

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