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Explosions – Common Household Strategies to Minimize the Chance for Disaster

Explosions occur at an alarming rate and for innumerable reasons, and the results of explosions are always disastrous. There are a few reasons for this, and they include the facts that explosions are almost never foreseen and they generate heat, power and energy that can level structures and anyone near them. During our time serving as explosion attorneys, we have heard countless tragic stories of serious injuries and death resulting from these incidents, and one of the main contexts in which explosions occur is in the home.

Below we’d like to offer a few precautionary steps to take regarding the prevention of explosions, and although they may seem somewhat elementary, it’s quite amazing how many people around the country make the mistake of ignoring these steps, thereby unnecessarily increasing the chances for an explosion to occur.

Take Inventory of Explosive Materials

Although you may never have considered it, most households contain substances that could be quite explosive if the wrong chain of events unfolds. For instance, common fertilizer is often explosive, depending on the brand and its ingredients. Other examples of volatile substances include antifreeze and even cat litter. Obviously, spare gasoline cans are dangerous as is any fuel concoction that you need for your lawn mower. You need to be aware of every substance that’s in your home that could be dangerous, and you should properly discard any of these materials that you don’t absolutely need.

Store These Substances Carefully

After you’ve removed all the materials from your environment that are not necessary, take the steps you can reasonably take to store the remaining items properly. The first rule is to not store these remaining items next to each other. All it would take is a spark to lead to a horrible chain reaction. Secondly, store the items you have in containers or areas that are flame-resistant, as this will only decrease the chance of a fire catching on should a spark occur. Finally, store these materials out of the reach of any children, pets or automobiles. We mention cars because many times these substances are stored in a garage, and if that’s the place for you, then make sure that they are placed in the garage in a place that’s separate from the cars.


Regardless of the steps you take to protect yourself, explosions could still happen. If it’s happened to you, contact the explosion lawyers at Williams Hart immediately to schedule a free initial consultation.

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