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Avoiding Injury when Grilling

It is summer in Texas and that means the heat is rising. It is the time of year most Texans will find themselves cooling off by the pool or floating the Guadalupe River with friends. Backyard barbecues and cookouts go beyond social events and transform into art as neighbors fire up their grills in search of the perfect hamburger.

In the midst of all this fun and delicious food, it is important to remember that you are dealing with some hazardous material and the safety of you and your guests should be kept in mind. Barbecue pit explosions lead to millions of dollars in damages each year. Last year alone, there were more than 600 grilling-related fires or explosions.

Prevention of Gas Grill Explosions

  • Cylinders- check for leaks and replace them if they appear damaged or rusty.
  • Hoses- Make sure they are not perished. Check for blockages, like insects nesting inside. An easy way to check for leaks is to spray soapy water on hose ends. Bubbles will form if gas is escaping.
  • Connections & fittings – Keep them clean and tightly connected. More than 80% of incidents are caused by loose fittings.
  • Use only BBQ gas to fill cylinders; never use automotive LPG.
  • Always BBQ outside, never indoors.

Charcoal Grill Safety

Charcoal grills can also present a safety hazard. You should never burn charcoal indoors (homes, vehicles, tents, campers, etc) even if ventilation is provided. The biggest threat while using a charcoal grill is carbon monoxide poisoning. Charcoal produces carbon fumes until it is completely extinguished. Avoid this hazard by not storing grills indoors that have freshly used coals.

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