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Explosive Situations – Seemingly Innocuous Auto Accidents

It would be a waste of time to try to explain why explosions need to be avoided. There aren’t many more facts in our modern society that are more obvious than this reality. However, the very nature of injuries and deaths that occur as a result of explosions is that they happen unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere.

Therefore, in an effort to do whatever we can to eliminate the need for legal representation for explosion victims, we’d like to continue with our series of articles that are geared towards avoiding situations that could give rise to an explosion. We used the term “geared” because it’s relevant to the subject at hand – auto accidents, including mistakes made by parking in the wrong place, can lead to explosions for many reasons, and below are a few scenarios that could give rise to this unexpected event.


As we all know, fluids that run inside of a car’s engine and exhaust lines tend to run very hot when an engine is running. Therefore, you need to regularly make sure that there is no leakage dripping from the bottom frame of your car, as these hot liquids could ignite a fire if someone parks an automobile in the wrong location.

For instance, as millions of people saw parodied on the final episode of The Sopranos, parking a leaking car on dry leaves or even on top of loose papers or cardboard, which is often used to protect the garage floor from oil stains, could be extremely dangerous. All it takes is a bit of smoke, a spark and a small amount of heat for the entire vehicle to ignite and ultimately explode.


This situation is slightly more clear to most, but mistakes are still made in these situations. If you are in an accident, even if it’s slight in nature, and you see, hear or smell leaking gasoline, oil or both, the first thing you need to do is to get away from the automobile or automobiles in question. Vehicles are fueled by highly flammable liquids, and again, the presence of hot flammable solutions needs only a small spark to set off a catastrophe for those too close to its danger zone.


As we’ve stated in several of our prior pieces, there is no way to ever completely avoid explosions – most of the time those injured in them had no idea that one was even possible. However, the more basic steps you understand, the less likely it is that you’ll suffer as a result of one. If you have been injured in an explosion, please contact an explosion lawyer at Williams Hart to schedule a free initial consultation.

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